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As a specialised risk consultancy firm, our highly-experienced team provides technical health and safety risk assessment and management services in a wide range of risk categories, and to all regions in New Zealand.

Asbestos Surveys

Property Risk NZ provides non-intrusive Asbestos Management Surveys, as well as comprehensive Demolition and Refurbishment Asbestos Surveys. 

Property Risk Assessment

Our audit of your health and safety measure and compliance documentation can be tailored to suit your needs.

Slip Testing

Specialist equipment allows us to quantify and deliver recommendations on your building’s pedestrian access routes.

Asbestos Removal Support Services

From asbestos-related Project Management, removal compliance and monitoring, to asbestos awareness training; we facilitate your asbestos responsibilities.

Technical Workplace Risk Assessments

From indoor air quality, noise levels and hazardous substances, to working at heights and confined spaces, we’re NZ’s risk assessment experts.


We can use the latest technology and lab testing methods to quantify and report on moisture and mould in your building. 

Asbestos 5-Yearly Resurveys

5-Yearly Asbestos Resurveys are a requirement for many building owners that have Asbestos Management Plans in place. 

Asbestos Management Plans

HSWA regulations require all workplaces with suspected asbestos or ACM contamination to have an Asbestos Management Plan.

Lead Paint Assessment

Property Risk NZ will assess the scope of lead contamination in your building, guide remediation efforts, and ensure it’s been completely removed.

Our new floor slip testing is essential
for workshop & factory safety

Floor surface integrity is something easily overlooked.

Our slip tests ensure your work environment is safe.

Property Risk
Our Story

Meeting safety standards is a crucial aspect of any work that a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) does.

Hazardous substances, airborne contaminants, confined spaces, heights, slippery surfaces, noise, and a range of other dangers must be appropriately managed to remain compliant with regulations. Even the compliance paperwork itself can be tricky.

Property Risk NZ helps organisations, individuals and businesses to achieve high-quality health, safety and compliance outcomes, all around New Zealand.

We are:

  • Experienced – With more than 15 years in the industry himself, owner Tim Wheeler has assembled a team of highly-experienced HSWA, HSNO, and Building Code risk experts.
  • Certified – All Property Risk NZ Consultants hold WorkSafe-approved Asbestos Assessor Licences.
  • Trusted – We maintain clear professional boundaries and standards, and our growing long-term client base evidences our reputation.
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Our professional memberships and qualifications evidence our commitment to health and safety.

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Client Testimonials

Hear first-hand from our recent clients and read their experiences and feedback below.

Roy Lehndorf

General Manager

A&J demolition have a trusted relationship with the team at property risk, we appreciate their professionalism and open communication, adaptably and forward thinking, Its always a pleasure working with property risk and we are happy to recommend them to clients looking for help and solutions to property issues.

Grant Metson

General Manager

Property Risk NZ are great to work with; their communication is always swift and accurate. They understand our needs and provide the assessments that we require when we need them; and their focus on customer service cannot be faulted.

Ray Excell

Managing Director

Excell Construction has a great partnership with Property Risk NZ and would highly recommend them for all your property assessment and testing needs. Whether you have a residential property or a commercial building, they have you covered. Their communication is always prompt, their pricing is competitive, and their team always provide outstanding service.

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