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Specialist Asbestos Consultants

Asbestos Management Surveys

Property Risk NZ Asbestos Materials Management Surveys complete asbestos checks to identify asbestos-containing materials (ACM) within buildings and assess their risk, which covers location, condition, extent, friability, disturbance potential and any other factors considered important or relevant.

We ensure that samples of suspected ACM are collected in accordance with WorkSafe guidelines and analysed in an IANZ-accredited laboratory. Asbestos management surveys are not intrusive and are normally conducted in occupied buildings.

Property Risk NZ consultants are experienced in surveying buildings of all types and sizes, including hospitals, office towers, manufacturing plants, schools, houses and much more. The information collected from an Asbestos Management Survey is used to develop a tailored Asbestos Management Plan for your building.

  • Non-intrusive process – can be carried out in occupied buildings
  • Any kind of building or structure
  • Asbestos checks: Complete assessment of undisturbed, in-situ asbestos in your building
  • Informs your Management Plans and responsibilities.

Specialist Asbestos Consultants

Demolition and Refurbishment Asbestos Surveys

If you are going to demolish or refurbish a building, an intrusive asbestos survey is required by law. This is to comprehensively document any asbestos-containing materials (ACM) that may be disturbed during the scheduled works so that they can be appropriately removed.

This type of asbestos survey often involves destructive tools and performing minor invasive works in order to inspect areas that are not normally accessible during management surveys. When completing the asbestos check, floor coverings might be lifted or inspection holes might be put in walls and ceilings, and so this type of asbestos survey is generally conducted in unoccupied areas.

Once we have finished the asbestos check and the asbestos survey is completed, should any asbestos material be present, we will state the location, presence and extent of the materials found. The survey report will also detail any remedial/removal action that may be required.

  • Intrusive/destructive process to properly assess every material that might be exposed by demolition or renovation
  • Usually carried out in vacant properties
  • Pre-empts disturbance of hidden ACM
  • Essential before renovation or demolition of buildings with suspected ACM
  • Informs subsequent asbestos removal plans

Specialist Asbestos Consultants

Residential Asbestos Surveys

We conduct asbestos surveys of residential properties as part of a pre-purchase due diligence assessment, or if you’re looking to conduct any demolition or refurbishment works. An asbestos check is crucial to ensure your property is safe and meets regulations.  

Asbestos Surveys are a great way to get an understanding of what asbestos you might have in your property and what actions you may need to consider for any future works. We offer competitive rates for individual asbestos samples to our Survey clients.

  • Invasive or non-invasive surveying depending on your needs
  • Reporting and recommendations after the completion of an asbestos check are tailored to your interest or plans
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Asbestos Regulated By

Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

Health and Safety at
Work Act 2015

Health and Safety at Work Asbestos Regulations 2016

Health and Safety at Work
(Asbestos) Regulations 2016

Management and Removal of Asbestos Worksafe 2016

Management and Removal
of Asbestos (WorkSafe, 2016)

Work Safe NZ Guideline Conducting Asbestos Surveys 2016

WorkSafe NZ Guideline:
Conducting Asbestos Surveys 2016

Your commercial building
may need safety checks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We take our commitment to health and safety seriously. Our current professional memberships include the following:

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It’s well-established and widely understood that asbestos causes a number of different cancers and asbestosis (lung scarring), with no lower threshold on exposure. Those most at risk are builders, plumbers and electricians working with unidentified asbestos.

Properly-managed asbestos poses almost no risk to building owners or occupants. Asbestos and asbestos-containing materials can be costly to remove, but if they’re able to be ‘managed in place,’ the process is affordable and easy to undertake.

Commercial landlords are required to identify asbestos and asbestos containing materials present in any structure on the premises. If any asbestos/ACM is identified (by yourself or anyone else) the regulations stipulate a number of consequences including surveying, appropriate Asbestos Management Plans, and proper adherence to those plans. It’s much better to get ahead of the situation than to ignore it.

Yes if they intend to do any building/construction, renovation, or demolition work.

Property Risk NZ services the whole of New Zealand. We have offices in Auckland and Tauranga, but we have clients all across the country.

It’s certainly not as simple as always completely removing it. The goal with asbestos management is always to minimise exposure and harm to health. Every person or business has a budget, and Property Risk NZ will work with you and your budget to determine the best course of action.


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Roy Lehndorf

General Manager

A&J demolition have a trusted relationship with the team at property risk, we appreciate their professionalism and open communication, adaptably and forward thinking, Its always a pleasure working with property risk and we are happy to recommend them to clients looking for help and solutions to property issues.

Grant Metson

General Manager

Property Risk NZ are great to work with; their communication is always swift and accurate. They understand our needs and provide the assessments that we require when we need them; and their focus on customer service cannot be faulted.

Property Risk NZ
Other Services

Asbestos 5-Yearly Resurveys

5-Yearly Asbestos Resurveys are a requirement for many building owners that have Asbestos Management Plans in place. 

Asbestos Management Plans

HSWA regulations require all workplaces with suspected asbestos or ACM contamination to have an Asbestos Management Plan.

Lead Paint Assessment

Property Risk NZ will assess the scope of lead contamination in your building, guide remediation efforts, and ensure it’s been completely removed.

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