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Slip Testing – Access Routes

Walking on a slippery surface can be very dangerous. Slip hazards can exist anywhere in a building, but commonly occur in stairways, ramps, entry foyers, bathrooms and shower facilities. Slips, trips and falls account for over 700,000 new ACC claims per year in New Zealand, costing over $1.5 B.

Property Risk NZ has specialist equipment to reliably measure the ‘slipperiness’ of surfaces such as foyers, bathrooms and ramps. With this data we can easily recommend appropriate management strategies for slippery surfaces, resulting in safer workspaces and public areas.

The NZ Building Code (1992) ‘Access routes’ Clause D1.3.3(d) states:

Access routes shall have adequate slip-resistant walking surfaces under all conditions of normal use.

We also test against Standards ASNZS-4586 2004 and ASNZS-4663 2004.

Implementing an effective risk management program with regular on-site slip resistance tests is a proactive approach to reducing slip risk and meeting the requirements of the Building Code. Here at Property Risk NZ we can help you identify, measure and manage these risks with regular monitoring and assessment.

Our assessment reports will provide clear, concise and easy-to-read recommendations, so you are well informed about the identified risks and relevant requirements.

  • Quantifiable slip testing for accessways, footpaths, stairs, public areas, wet areas, and all other surfaces with a slip risk
  • Industry-leading technology from the UK
  • Slip risk reporting and recommendations

Specialist Slip Testing Equipment

We use two methods of measuring slip risk on surfaces: a tribometer test and a pendulum test. Each one measures the coefficient of friction (slip resistance) of a surface. 

A pendulum test assesses the friction offered by a floor surface when a foot comes into contact with it. It can measure the slip potential of dry, wet and contaminated flooring and emulating bare feet vs. footwear. This test is the gold standard globally and results can be used as evidence in court. Testing is conducted in line with British standard 8204-6:2008.

A tribometer test also measures the coefficient of friction and is a faster way of quantifying the slipperiness of surfaces that would generally be walked on by people wearing footwear. The ‘SlipAlert’ machine has a rubber slider at the bottom of the unit, this slides across the flooring after running down a ramp of fixed length and gradient. A digital result is shown on the machine, this exercise is repeated three times per location in order to get an average reading.

slip test machine roller
slip test machine screen

Who requires slip testing?

Conducting floor skid resistance testing is essential for anyone with a duty of care for pedestrian traffic over surfaces they manage or own. It may very well be your responsibility to minimise the risk of accidents arising as a result of slippery floors and surfaces.

As a property owner or manager, it’s worth evaluating the HSWA likelihood-consequence risk matrix for slips with Property Risk NZ consultants’ guidance.

Buildings with heavy foot traffic or greater-than-normal slip Risk Ratings include:

  • Council Buildings
  • Swimming Pools
  • Hospitals and Medical Centres
  • Shopping Malls
  • Aged Care Facilities
  • Schools
  • Sports Stadiums/Events Centres
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We take our commitment to health and safety seriously. Our current professional memberships include the following:

Property Risk Sitewise Totika S365 NzismNzdaa

Slip risk is a difficult thing to evaluate if you are not an expert on the subject – you need the right methodology, reference data and tools. Actioning any Property Risk NZ recommendations is likely to reduce the risk of slips and falls. Furthermore, quantified, professional reporting (with actioned recommendations) could significantly reduce your liability for harm caused by slips and falls.

Property Risk NZ services the whole of New Zealand. We have offices in Auckland and Tauranga, but we have clients all across the country.

Our turnaround on most jobs is 1 to 2 weeks.

Because New Zealand doesn’t have its own specific tribometric standards in the Building Code, and instead uses the wording ‘adequate slip resistance’, we compare our results with British standard 8204-6:2008. The results are also evaluated against the NZ Building Code Clause D1.3.3(d). We also test against Standards ASNZS-4586 2004 and ASNZS-4663 2004.

No, we’re consultants only. We advocate for you as our client. To avoid a ‘conflict of interest’ we make sure we have nothing to gain by finding issues with flooring and pavement surfaces. We don’t receive ‘kickbacks’ for referrals or similar.

We can certainly take care of the whole process for you. We can recommend good remediation specialists who can apply affordable treatments. In a lot of cases we will recommend certain slip mitigation actions such as signage mats and cleaning products which will contribute to lowering the occurrence of slip incidents.

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Property risk assessments
are essential for safety.

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Roy Lehndorf

General Manager

A&J demolition have a trusted relationship with the team at property risk, we appreciate their professionalism and open communication, adaptably and forward thinking, Its always a pleasure working with property risk and we are happy to recommend them to clients looking for help and solutions to property issues.

Grant Metson

General Manager

Property Risk NZ are great to work with; their communication is always swift and accurate. They understand our needs and provide the assessments that we require when we need them; and their focus on customer service cannot be faulted.

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