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Property Risk NZ offers professional workplace risk assessments across the spectrum of health and safety issues, anywhere in NZ. Get in touch for more information.

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Workplace Risk Assessment Specialists

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a recognised health and safety concern, and has a number of flow-on effects on the productivity of your staff. Property Risk NZ can measure and report on the IAQ at your site, covering temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

  • CO & CO₂ monitoring and risk assessment
  • Temperature and humidity risk assessment
  • Reporting and recommendations tailored to the kinds of work being undertaken

Workplace Risk Assessment Specialists

Occupational Noise

Excess noise is a defined hazard in the HSWA, and the level of acceptability varies by both exposure time and volume. Noise can be harmful even at relatively low volumes (e.g. a hairdryer) when it’s incessant.

Property Risk NZ will assess the noise levels within noisy areas at your site (e.g. plant room, chiller room etc) to ensure they meet workplace exposure standards. Assessment includes a review of documentation and controls such as training and health monitoring records, PPE signage and noise reducing devices.

  • Measure on-site noise levels
  • Calculate ‘Equivalent Exposure’ if necessary
  • Review noise management systems and documentation
  • Reporting and recommendations

Workplace Risk Assessment Specialists

Working at Heights

Property Risk NZ has the experience and knowledge to facilitate a comprehensive Working at Heights assessment on your sites.

We’ll identify areas such as roofs, ceilings, plant, or mezzanine levels where there are potential risks of employees or contractors falling. We also conduct risk assessments and include a review of existing control measures (e.g. current documentation, fall arrest/restraint equipment, ladders, stairways etc.)

  • Practical heights risk assessment, taking into account duration and consequences
  • Review of existing minimise-isolate-eliminate strategies
  • Reporting and recommendations
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Workplace Risk Assessment Specialists

Hazardous Substances

Property Risk NZ can inspect areas where hazardous substances are stored or used (e.g. plant rooms, cooling tower areas, cleaners store room etc.) and assess current storage arrangements, spill control, bulk fuel storage, signage and labelling and available file services.

A documentation review will also be conducted including the likes of bulk storage certification, emergency response plans, safety data sheets, contractor certification, and current inventory.

We can also prepare an inventory of hazardous substances for your site, including chemical name, storage locations, max quantities and specific storage and segregation requirements.

  • Hazardous Substances storage inspection and assessment
  • Hazardous Substances documentation review for your site and personnel
  • Emergency procedures review
  • Regulation implementation guidance

Workplace Risk Assessment Specialists

Occupational Dust and Fumes

Property Risk NZ will assess the levels of inhalable and respirable dust (including silica) at your site and compare the results with workplace exposure standards.

The assessment will include a review of documentation and controls, such as training and health monitoring records, PPE, signage, dust suppression devices and ventilation.

We also conduct welding fumes assessments and can identify high levels of volatile organic compounds.

  • Respirable dust assessment
  • VOC and welding fume assessment
  • Exposure, control mitigation and documentation review
  • Reporting and recommendations

Workplace Risk Assessment Specialists

Confined Spaces

There are a large number of hidden or non-obvious risks associated with confined spaces, and they have a long and varied history of unexpected incidents.

Property Risk will identify and risk assess all the confined spaces at your site. We are also able to review your confined space procedures, permit systems and other related documentation. We also install confined space signage.

  • Identification, inspection and risk assessment of confined spaces
  • Buildings, plant, machinery, vessels, conduits, etc.
  • Review of documentation, permits, certification, signage
  • Reporting and recommendations
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Frequently Asked Questions

We take our commitment to health and safety seriously. Our current professional memberships include the following:

Property Risk Sitewise Totika S365 NzismNzdaa

Yes, we can. Property Risk NZ measures CO₂, temperature and humidity, and we can provide a compliance report and risk mitigation recommendations based on the nature of work taking place. General fresh air CO₂ levels are around 400-600 ppm. If levels rise above 1000ppm you will start feeling flat and drowsy, and if you feel like this in your indoor environment it’s a good idea to get your CO₂ levels tested.

Property Risk NZ services the whole of New Zealand. We have offices in Auckland and Tauranga, but we have clients all across the country.

No, we’re consultants only. We advocate for you as our client. To avoid a ‘conflict of interest’ we make sure we have nothing to gain by finding compliance issues with your building. Being in the industry, however, we can source a range of competitive quotes from trustworthy contractors for any work that needs doing. We don’t receive ‘kickbacks’ for referrals or similar.

Our turnaround on most jobs is 1 to 2 weeks.

We can certainly take care of the whole process for you. If we find failings in your hazard mitigation, emergency or health and safety measures and documentation, we do everything from recommending changes, procuring contractors, overseeing alterations and writing up the documentation afterwards.

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Roy Lehndorf

General Manager

A&J demolition have a trusted relationship with the team at property risk, we appreciate their professionalism and open communication, adaptably and forward thinking, Its always a pleasure working with property risk and we are happy to recommend them to clients looking for help and solutions to property issues.

Grant Metson

General Manager

Property Risk NZ are great to work with; their communication is always swift and accurate. They understand our needs and provide the assessments that we require when we need them; and their focus on customer service cannot be faulted.

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Other Services

Asbestos Surveys

Property Risk NZ provides non-intrusive Asbestos Management Surveys, as well as comprehensive Demolition and Refurbishment Asbestos Surveys. 

Property Risk Assessment

Our audit of your health and safety measure and compliance documentation can be tailored to suit your needs.

Slip Testing

Specialist equipment allows us to quantify and deliver recommendations on your building’s pedestrian access routes.

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